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Wow! I missed my hide-out! Maybe you guys are wondering whether or not I lost my ideas or my drive for writing. No, its just that there are some things that keep me away from doing it lately.

This is just some of them…


😀 Hmmm, Parang may kulang?!!! 😀



After finishing my Masters Degree in June, I was so excited because at last! I now have the pleasure of doing the things I missed doing like traveling on long weekends, kite flying by the beach, stargazing, signing up in a photography class, catching up with friends, watching DVDs at home or reading the books I bought a long time ago which I haven’t flipped not a single page. 😦

My ‘to-do’ list is infinite but the excitement was suddenly bent because weeks after I took the comprehensive exam, my boss asked me to pursue further training on a field only few dare set foot on… FIELD  EPIDEMIOLOGY.

She must be kidding! But apparently, she’s NOT! For days, I thought of a hundred and one reasons to say no because I don’t think I deserve to be on that ground.

One day, upon seeing and maybe feeling I was unsure about what I am getting myself into, an officemate told me, “You know, you should always welcome change because you just don’t know how much opportunities it can open up for you! Grab every opportunity while you are still young. You have to listen to our boss, she has a better view from the top.”

With those seemingly encouraging words in mind plus my family’s advice and support, I finally let go and uttered my sweetest “YES!” Yes, I took the challenge and the opportunity glued to it (I hope!) and eventhough it means leaving my mother unit for two years and spending time in a new workplace for the training.

Equipped with my stock stuck knowledge, a little experience, a lot of guts and gazillion of prayers, I went out of my comfort room zone and headed into the ‘war zone’.

It has been almost 4 months since I went into the war zone. (20 more grueling months to go!) I realized that it’s  more than just learning the ropes of Field Epidemiology , it’s also a road to self- discovery because…

I have to rip off my present being to face my fear of the huge unknown.

To bore a hole in my heart so I can see the depth of its strength,

so I can understand the boundaries of its existence,

so I can learn how to LOVE what I so HATE.

It may seem crazy.

It is.

For the sake of keeping the nation’s wealth… PUBLIC HEALTH.



The next pages of my life will be devoted in finding answers to  questions epidemiologists often ask:

Who, What, When, Where, Why and How


Field Epi is a challenge and a blessing.

A challenge I can’t do all by myself that is why I’m facing it with God and I need His grace every single step of the way.

A blessing that made me realize how thankful I should be for having a very supportive and loving family, good friends and encouraging mentors from my mother unit.



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