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a tribute to a great mentor

I promised my self I won’t blog about my work or my studies but today, I am breaking that promise.

What runs into your mind when someone says, “I work for the government.” ?

I’m sure some would be pissed off from hearing the word “government” alone while some might have a positive view.

Way back in college, in one of our subjects, Veterinary Ethics and Jurisprudence, (yes, I’m a vet!) we were asked to write an essay on how do we see ourselves after several years of hurdling with vet school. I remembered writing… I wanted to be Municipal Veterinarian. So my mind was set on being a public servant? I thought it was the best way of giving back what I owe to the public, having finished vetmed in eLBi. Also, I thought of it as better way of helping our friends in the animal kingdom because I would not be limited to a certain species of animal. Lastly, I thought it was the most stable job,  but with the passing of the Local Government Code, it has been a shaky ground.

Two years after getting experience, enough to beef up the “work experience” section of my resumé, I finally made my way through the government service at the national level. With so much enthusiasm and all the idealism tucked in my pocket, I came face-to-face with reality, a double- edged sword that cuts deep. So much that you won’t notice you’ re bleeding. Nevertheless, it is when we get hurt that we learn, realize things and start to make a difference as much as we could in our own little way.

Here are few of my realizations after years of serving the public:

1. Getting into the government service is difficult, but it taught me the meaning of perseverance. I applied twice but got rejected on my first attempt despite being on the top 5 spot when there were 18 vacant positions.

2. Getting into the government service is not always “padrino system” as most of us know. I had no connections whatsoever when I got hired. I guess, my resumé spoke for me. Hehe.

3. Getting into the government service is tough but being in the government service is tougher especially if it is an active regulatory agency. My first two years was spent in sleepless nights, sweat, tears and death threats. With those reasons, including disillusionment, I was in the verge of giving up. It’s really hurting for a newbie to accept the fact that despite of your effort of doing everything for the good of the majority or for the attainment of the government’s mission, some people won’t appreciate it and some would even laugh at you. I learned that you can’t please everybody.

4. Most people generalize the government, its agencies as well as its staff as “bulok”, but I beg to disagree. Not because I am with the government but simply because there are still what we call the “good ones”. I am lucky to be handled by those people who continue to encourage the “disillusioned” younger generation in the government not to give up. Yes, the rotten crop exist so are the good ones. But these diminishing good ones, the ones who work behind the limelight, are not given the due recognition and it is the leaders who get the credit for their hard work. Another heartbreaking truth. But God never sleeps, at the end He judges fairly, he knows who did all the hard work.

5. Everything happens for a reason, even the conflicts and issues about the government. It’s very disheartening. Another realization is that change in the government will be a long struggle especially if we rely solely on our strengths and capabilities, God has to be in our midst. The dark force may seem strong but nothing could be stronger than the light (God). With God nothing is impossible. Purging is a painful process but the result is heavenly.

At this point, I would like to pay tribute to one of the government’s few


Dr. Estrelita “Lee” Espiritu

(July 22, 1961 – February 22, 2010)

who selflessly rendered her time and her life serving the people even up to the time she is suffering physically,

who taught us to hold our head high despite being looked down,

who helped us realize we can make a difference,

who encouraged us to move on despite the trials and difficulties, disillusionment and heartaches.

Her dedication to her work was incomparable.

She works beyond what is expected of her.

Never complaining despite the pain (physically and emotionally).

Always smiling.

Ever caring.

Late as always (but this time, she left ahead of us all).

A woman of principle.

Always lends her helping hand.

One of the pillars of the FMD- Free Philippines!

An epitome of a true public servant!

A great mentor!

In behalf of the NMIS FMD- CMT, Drs. Trabs, Dang, Lai, Ching, Mr. Robert and myself,

we know that,

God is now holding your hands and taking you to the place where He wanted you to be,

a place where there is peace, true love and joy…

now we say,

it was a pleasure working with you, thank you and til we meet again!

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may halaga ka pa ba?

ganun ba talaga?

habang tumatagal…

sa mga alaala, unti-unting nabubura

habang tumagatal…

pati ang halaga nawawala?

* The thought of how EDSA Rev celebration was celebrated brought me to ask this question. Having EDSA Rev celebration on my mind was a superficial thing… what I was really thinking about was relationships with distant friends whom you shared happy memories with but lost touch with.

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sa wakas!

Pagkatapos ng isang dekadang pag- iipon… sa wakas ay nakabili na rin ako ng kauna- unahan kong UP Jacket mula sa Diliman Republic!

U.P. Astig!

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the fall of the zombies

Ayoko naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Nakakaadiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiik kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


I Love You, Sunflower!

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The paradox

Sa tuwing makakausap kita

Sa tuwing tinititigan kita

Sa tuwing hahawakan ko ang kamay mo

Sa tuwing hahagkan ko ang mga labi mo

Sa tuwing mapapatawa kita

Sa tuwing sasandal ka sa mga balikat ko

Sa tuwing sinasabayan ka sa paglakad papunta sa bahay mo

Hanggang sa ako na lang mag-isa

Saka ko na lang maaalalang hindi nga pala tayo…

* Para sa isang kaibigang “It’s complicated” ang status ngayong love month… G I S I N G !!!!

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